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> In 2006 when I was delivering from Carrabelle, Fl to New Orleans my new to
> me 1971 C&C 30, the mast step collapsed while under sail on Mobile Bay. The
> three plywood stringers supporting the wood plate on which the metal mast
> step rested failed. The step was rebuilt by Donnie Brennan in Mobile.
> Donnie has been the Boatwright for the US Olympic teams in China and
> England. I was not present during the re-build but Donnie described his
> method as follows. Using the remains of the stringers as templates, new
> stringers were cut from fiberglass laminate. He had to cut a section of the
> floor pan (my estimate is 3-4 inches wide) to allow him access to the turn
> of the hull in the bilge in order to be able to prepare the hull for
> glassing in the new stringers. With the new stringers glassed, he filled in
> the spaces between them with epoxy and filler, using a section of PVC pipe
> to leave access to the forward keel bolt through the epoxy fill.
> There is a similar description in the photo album under "Do it Yourself",
> rebuilding a mast step on a 30Ft MK I
> Good Luck
> Ed
> Briar Patch
> C&C 34
> New Orleans
> On Wed, May 20, 2015 at 11:12 AM, Nate Flesness via CnC-List <
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>> I'll soon have the mast out of my 1980 30-1 (for relocating her by truck)
>> and want to
>> forestall future mast step issues by redoing/strengthening
>> it now. The mast was last out 8 years ago. I've never pulled the oak mast
>> step base plate, so don't know what to anticipate underneath. Advice
>> welcome, pictures very welcome.
>> I'm imagining figuring out the necessary drainage and keel bolt access,
>> then using epoxy-saturated oak board or McMaster Carr fiberglass sheets to
>> built a new support step, and maybe filling in what I hear is a large empty
>> area with micro-balloon slurry?
>> She's  an all-freshwater boat which sits in a cradle 7 months a year,
>> which may be why its lasted this long with no signs of trouble yet.
>> Nate Flesness
>> "Sarah Jean"
>> 1980 30-1
>> Siskiwit Bay Marina
>> Lake Superior
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