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Also: A trojan T1275 is a deep cycle battery, according their website, and may not be capable of delivering the full power required to start a recalcitrant engine.

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I have the challenge that statement. When over 13 volts, the battery is in a charging state — power is being put into the battery from an alternator or external charging source.

See this chart: <> 

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> On May 26, 2015, at 11:28 AM, Joel Aronson via CnC-List <cnc-list at <mailto:cnc-list at>> wrote:
> 12.7 volts in not fully charged.  Should be 13.6.
> Joel
> On Tue, May 26, 2015 at 11:20 AM, S Thomas via CnC-List <cnc-list at <mailto:cnc-list at>> wrote:
> Edd,
>         From what you are saying, it sounds like either your T-1275 has failed for some reason, or you have a bad connection - possibly in the battery switch itself. If you don't have a way to test the battery, then substitute a known good battery in its place and see what happens. Absolutely any car battery, including the cheapest Walmart, will start your engine if the battery is fully charged and in new condition. There is no way that you need to consider paralleling starting batteries as a permanent solution to your starting problem.
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