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I have that pelican setup already on Starbord side but only on the upper (and we are port side to on the slip).  However as you mentioned the stern is a bit far from the dock.

Our issue is that we have a new to us dog who we wish to be at home on the boat for a few overnights perhaps.  She is very agile and could leap aboard but the lifelines are iin the way.  The pushpit mod OTOH is simply as a swimming ladder convenience similar to the arrangement I see on C&C 33-2 and other boats of that era


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Hi Mike,

I've seen other Frers 33's that detach the rear end of their lifelines to create a large "gate" into the cockpit.  That would mean replacing the end fitting with a pelican hook (and presumably shortening the wire).  The gate isn't then at maximum beam, but it's not bad, and you can adjust the dock lines to make it better for boarding and it should mean little modification.

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Related to the stanchion legs for gate thread

Persistence currently does not have a gate and on the stern has double rail pushpit.  Two changes I am considering is adding a gate on either side and a cutout in the top rail on pushpit .  Adding a gate on the side would require a base, a stanchion and lifeline work.  A cutout for stern ladder on pushpit would likely require top and bottom fittings to add a vertical support either side of ladder opening and a short section of detachable lifeline as a gate on the top rail.

Has anybody made these changes and what about a hint at the cost or better ways to do this?

Currently swim ladder is a very long climb up the reverse transom and then over the double stern pushpit rails.  The side is not so bad as is not a high freeboard but for elderly guests or four legged friends is a bit daunting in current setup.

1987 Frers 33


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