Stus-List New instruments?

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Does it have the fancy microphone?

(reference to Blues Brothers movie)

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I have 2 B&G Tritons on either side of the companion way and a Zeus 2 at the helm.

They rock!  I have had them for 2 seasons now,  No issues.  The Triton are easily customizable, have cool stuff like wind shift / depth graphs over time, nice wind rose, etc, etc.

The Zeus 2 is da bomb. it will control everything from radar to audio, has all the metrics like VMG on mark / VMG on Wind, sailing time to mark, a really cool 'Sailsteer' wind rose / the ability to dynamically show the laylines on the chart based on wind direction-speed / current / boat direction-speed /tide..  Etc, etc.  Also the touchscreen is very responsive, even works with gloves.

With the wifi module and a wifi connection the Zeus 2 can even update itself straight of the internet and get / update your maps as well. You can get XM music / dynamic weather for US and the Caribbean too.

All is NMEA 2000 standard, no proprietary Raymarine Seatalk this or that to worry about.  Any NMEA 2000 compliant sensor / stereo / gauge will work just fine.

So Jake, is it the new Blues Mobile or what?

-Francois Rivard
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Stus-List New instruments?

This thread is a couple months old, but I'm looking into new instruments
now too. Mainly a new speed display + transducer. Eventually adding a wind
instrument and maybe replacing the depth (old but still working).

Anyone have experience with B&G? I was considering a Raymarine i70 but now
am looking at the B&G Triton T41.  For my needs I prefer one multi-function
screen that can connect to speed, depth and wind.

I'm leaning away from Raymarine now because their incompatible network
versions and mismash of products seems terribly confusing. I called
Raymarine tech support yesterday and even the support guy had his facts all
wrong. He told me an i70 is a repeater only, and requires separate i50
display instruments for each sensor you want to network in. But based on
other people I talked to and info on the web, it looks like that is
incorrect and an i70 could be networked directly with a modern digital
transducer (what Raymarine calls "smart transducers"). He also told me a
triducer is a bundled package of two separate thruhulls.

So, B&G yay or nay?

C&C 38 LF "Violet Hour"
Seattle, WA
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