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Going to a machine shop is my alternative. I'll check out SSY. Thanks for the tip. I'm guessing these were custom made at the time. 


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> Sounds like my '73 25 Mk1 has a similar setup to your 27 Mk 5.  The upper gudgeon casting is a single and the lower gudgeon casting is a double.  On the 25 there is a single hinge rod, half-inch diameter, which passes through both gudgeons.  I had a similar clunk in my rudder whenever I was on the mooring.  I was not able to locate any off-the-shelf replacement gudgeons which were anywhere near as beefy as these originals on my boat.
> I brought the gudgeons, the hinge rod, and the mating parts from the rudder to a machine shop so they understood the issue.  They opened up the already enlarged hole in the gudgeon only slightly, enough to make it round again.  Then they turned down the OD of two flanged bronze bushings to achieve the desired fit, and pressed them into the gudgeon.  The ID of the bushings was then bored to match the rod size.  I don't have any concerns with the strength of it.  These pinned joints are strong as long as the clearance between the pin and the journal is minimized.
> I just noticed that South Shore Yachts does sell the single gudgeons, $90 each.  They advise you to replace the double gudgeon with two of the singles.
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