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I’ve done window replacements with Plexus before, which set pretty quickly, so just having a couple helpers hold the windows in place for fifteen or twenty minutes did the trick.

Having said that, I replaced the fixed windows on my LF38 this past spring, and used the VHB tape method; no need for bracing or helpers at all.  That stuff has phenomenal holding power, even on 3/8” acrylic with about a 1-1/2” bend over 50 inches length.  You really have to take care to get the acrylic positioned correctly before stuff grabs; but once it’s in, it stays.  I then did the Dow 795 adhesive/sealant at my leisure.  Pretty slick system, and no leaks at all.  The Dow seems like it will still give a just bit with flexing or temperature changes, without losing its seal or adhesion.

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> One of the challenges is holding the new windows in place while the adhesive cures and the forward window(s) must fit into a cavity that has slight curve to it.    I did the job in the Spring when the boat was under shrink wrap, went around the boatyard and collected the 2" X 4" wood from covers, cut 23" pieces and when I placed a new window into position, I wedged three pieces of 2" x 4" against each window to the toe rail and placed 10 to 15 lbs. on each 2" x 4" to secure it in place.  Left this for 3 days before removing the wood.
> When I replaced the curved ports on a small sport boat, I got spacing or furring strips from a big box home store.  They are about 1 1/2 inches wide by 1/8 inch thick and about a buck each.  I cut a bunch to length, wrapped tape over one end, placed them against the ports and clamped them to the lifelines with spring clamps.  I put bungee cords across the boat lifeline to lifeline to add compression.  
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> System worked well.
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