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Thu Sep 1 11:19:54 EDT 2016

Thanks gentlemen!   my P70 is mounted in a pod, on an arm, and can be
turned.   I don't much like the idea of twisting it 'round but I can.

Fred, great info, thanks.  I don't really want to implement an
nmea0183 wireless remote, so for me its a cost benefit question of MFD vs
p70. (or nothing)  Stupidly I bought an actisense USB n2k gateway, when
maybe I should have considered a more expensive wireless gateway,
including, possibly, the raymarine mfd.   Truth is, the idea of locking
into an instantly obsolete proprietary mfd bugs me when tablets are cheap,
versatile, and adaptable, and n2k exists as a supposed standard.)

Am I correct in assuming that raycontrol will only work with a raymarine
MFD, and not with a generic N2k wireless gateway?

Conversely, could the Raymarine MFD's wireless capability
feed n2k sentences to another chartplotter app?  (or have they locked that
down as well) This would allow not only raycontrol on the ipad, but a
redundant tablet-based chartplotter.  in addition to my wind, weather, and
AIS apps, all on one device.   I could then use a bigger portable and more
versatile tablet(s), with a more compact mfd, located anywhere.

(FYI I have a garmin GLO Bluetooth GPS antenna, plus a garmin n2k antenna
on the network, plus the onboard ipad GPS antenna... lotsa redundancy.)


Sorry, typo on answer #3: ?The ONLY ways to have proper external control of
a Raymarine AUTOPILOT??

? Fred

Fred Street -- Minneapolis
S/V Oceanis (1979 C&C Landfall 38) -- Bayfield, WI

> On Sep 1, 2016, at 7:32 AM, Frederick G Street via CnC-List <
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> Joe?s correct, you can have more than one p70/p70R control head on a
SeaTalkNG network.  In answer to Dave?s other questions:
> 1.  Yes, you can mount another controller at the companionway, but you?ll
still need to go to the helm to disengage the drive.
> 2.  Using RayControl on an iPad requires having a Raymarine WiFi MFD.
> 3.  The ONLY ways to have proper external control of a Raymarine plotter
are either through a Raymarine plotter (or an iOS device on that plotter?s
WiFi), or through a wireless remote like the S100.  There are no other
provisions to control from third-party devices.
> 4.  The S100 wireless controller would be an option; but it uses the
older SeaTalk1, so you?ll need to purchase and install a SeaTalk1 to
SeaTalkNG converter kit, along with the S100.  Cost-wise, by the time you
do that, it?s about a wash with buying another p70; but you get the
advantage of mobility with your controller (as long as the batteries are
> ? Fred
> Fred Street -- Minneapolis
> S/V Oceanis (1979 C&C Landfall 38) -- Bayfield, WI
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Before I replaced my pedestal with a Vision series I had the ST60 control
head mounted on a single instrument pod on an arm (wired thru the guard
post and arm...all internal) that I could turn 180 if both
worlds.$0.02Spencer Johnson84 LF38 "Alegria " #165Racine WI?
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