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Mon Sep 5 16:25:09 EDT 2016

One of them had low water. I have some extra sulfuric acid left from a
motorcycle battery. Would that work to top it off?  I don't know what to do
with this extra acid laying around.

One battery, the one with low water has approx 4v left in it. The other has
1.8v. a different battery maintainer says they are ok and I'm trying to
charge the low one first to see if it will do anything. Should I even be
trying?  should I just replace both?

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> Ugh- forgot to edit the subject line. sorry all.
> Dave.
> Welcome.  Make sure you Check the water level in the cells, and then load
> test the batteries.
> Any good quality flooded, deep cycle marine style will work fine.     Your
> 34 is similar in size to my 33-2 and given your desire to overnight and
> cruise a bit, you may be poised on the slippery slope that I negotiated
> this season.   I expect will find that the two battery arrangement as
> supplied is limiting,  (you protect half your deep-cycle capacity for
> starting)  and that any battery capacity upgrades (should you be thinking
> that way) are very limited by space.   (The guys here with multiple golf
> cart banks make me jealous).   It took me awhile to figure out how to
> optimize this (for my use, my boat,   ymmv). and I documented my thinking
> and upgrades here:
> How about a latin/English play on words - Pax Familia ?
> Dave, Windstar 33-2.
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> Hey everyone. Just recently subscribed to the list. Purchased a '82 C&C 34
> a few years ago. Been sailing it around the Chesapeake on brief day sails
> so far with the aim to have a few overnighters soon once the kids get a
> little older. We are based in Pasadena up Cornfield Creek. I'm lucky enough
> to have a community dock with slips that are real cheap. :-)
> Anyways, both of my group 27 batteries got completely discharged since the
> last time I checked them. So I need to either determine if there is any way
> to salvage them or decide on a new set of batteries. Any suggestions on
> good batteries or ones to stay away from? Is there any gain to trying to
> revive them?
> They power a Yanmar 3gm30f and I haven't had any issues with starting them,
> but keeping them charged for any amount of time has been challenging. So
> I've been thinking of getting one that is a dual purpose and the other a
> true deep cycle for use as a house battery. What kind of combinations do
> others have?
> Thanks!!
> Kevin
> '82 C&C 34 #473?
> Japhy's Spirit (needs a rename, thinking 6 Pax, family of 6 Paxton is last
> name)
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