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My battery box has a fairly large hole going into the engine compartment as well.  It appears to be original.  The engine compartment is ventilated, although not as well as I would hope.  Better to vent into the engine compartment than into the cabin.  My batteries are under the quarterberth.  This is also why I prefer AGM batteries, no fumes to worry about.  Yes, the Optima batteries are AGM, not gel.




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Thanks for the suggestions and information everyone! 


Think I'll probably go the AutoZone Duralast option. Don't want to dump a lot of money in to it right now and finances are a little tight. I will however probably get a hardwired charger/maintainer for them to try and keep them in optimal condition. One question though, They are currently in battery boxes under the quarter berth with a hole drilled into the engine compartment. Is this safe for flooded batteries? Should they be relocated? If so, I have no clue where would be a good safe place with enough space for them. 

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