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I can speak to this...although I have a 37, not a Landfall 38, the issues which Fred addresses are the same; pinched stern and zero wiggle room below decks...are the same; it was tough getting ours to fit and took several attempts and placements before we finally settled on a location; on my boat the octopus drive sits in the stern area, just aft of the quarter berth and on a slant (I believe the technical term is cattywampus) which doesn't look like it will match at all with the radial drive; but once adjusted, it does a marvelous job and steers true!   It's a lot of effort but with it not to have the mechanism on the wheel.


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Paul — regardless of tiller arm or radial drive (NOT quadrant — thanks, Chuck Gilchrest!  :^), the geometry of the drive to the rudder post is the same: you need to mount the drive pin X inches from the center of the rudder post.  So the angle through which the drive has to rotate is the same.  The biggest issue with the Octopus drive on the Landfall 38 (besides the fact that there's no room around the steering area) is the fact that the rod that Octopus uses as the ram actually extends out past the mounting base when the drive is retracted, which limits the mounting locations as the stern pinches in so much on the LF38.

The 1212LAM12 (or the version with the remote pump, the 1212LAR12) would be my choice, as well; I’ve been looking at this issue of below-deck drives for my boat for years, and I really like the Octopus drives.  I’ve sold several to people on the list; I just haven’t gotten around to doing it myself.   :^)

Anyway, the geometry is fine for the Octopus drive, if you can find the room, along with a mechanically-inclined very small person with very long arms to do the install…

— Fred

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