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I am not sure to which part you refer as “no longer legally required”. You don’t need the deck light, for sure, but you do need a steaming light, unless you can show a 360 degrees white light in some other way (e.g. turn off the stern light and turn on the anchor light at the top of the mast).

A single wire out of the combination light does not make sense. You need at least two, unless they try using the mast as the ground (then I would not buy it). Most of the combo lights come with separate leads for each function, i.e. negative/ground (usually common), positive - steaming, positive - deck light. Some combo lights had a switch in the unit that allow to run the power with a single positive wire (plus the negative). If this is one like that, the switch turns e.g. steaming light when you turn it on, but if you switch it off and on again, it would turn the deck light, and again  - both. You would have to decide if that meets your needs.

If it really has a single wire, I am afraid, you will have to bite the bullet and spend twice (3x?) as much on the Aqua Signal. 

Marine Outfitters (Kingston) has very similar light (for very similar price) with 3 wires:|10000|11312&product=38614998&code=900000021547.


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When up the mast the other day, I noticed that my 'Steaming, Bow, 
Foredeck Light' was in pretty bad shape.....probably the original 32 
years old.  Will probably replace it when the mast is hauled later this 
Fall although I understand this light is no longer legally 
required.......but I do like the halogen foredeck light.

I found this one linked below at the Binnacle.......almost similar to 
the existing one:


It appears, without removing mine, that there are three (3) white wires 
exiting the foot of the mast connecting to 'green, red and black' 
......I assume the green is negative, red is positive and black in ground.

Here's the question......the new light fixture at the Binnacle only has 
one white wire as a connection.......there is (are) no other places on 
the back of the fixture to connect other wires.  So if my old fixture 
has 3 connections (assuming it does but I have not removed it to be 
sure) and this new fixture only has one 'white wire', how do you connect it?

As you can tell, I am no electrician.

Rob Abbott
C&C 32 - 84
Halifax, N.S.


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