Stus-List Asymmetric spinnaker short handed. 33-2?

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I think ASPLTD sells what is called a halyard parking bracket which is a commercial version of a 'reverse' cleat at the mast for the spin halyard.
Basically it is a cam cleat that mounts on a bracket such that the opening (top?) of the cleat faces the mast. That way, when the kite is hoisted, the mast person is
pulling the halyard thru the cleat away from the mast and when it is made, the cleat holds the halyard.
This allows the pit to do other things while the kite is hoisted and then take up the spin halyard slack later which, because of how the bracket is mounted, pulls the halyard out of the bracket so it is ready to douse.

Of course, if left in the bracket for the douse, things go very "awry".

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Maybe it's standard and I haven't noticed enough boats, but I saw a couple where the cam cleat at the mast was offset slightly so that a pull on the halyard from the cockpit would uncleat it without going to the mast.
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The Frers 33 is remarkably similar to C&C 33-2.  It also has three mast halyards forward.  The outer ones are most certainly port and stbd spin halyards.  One reason NOT to have one of the spin halyards at mast and other in cockpit is that a spin will always want to be hoisted on whichever halyard is on the leeward is at hoist time.

Persistence has an oversized anchor roller that protruded a bit in front of bow.  We have a bail on this that we put a side opening block on.  We simply run the spin downhaul thru this for a tack line.  Any gybes are best done forward of forestay. Since spin halyards are expected to have loads to the sides that should not be any different with asym than with symmetric spin.  Note that we have had no issues with this setup using the sock or without the sock on our asym.  

For your mast comments why not a cleat at the mast.  Something maybe like a J Boat where it has a cam cleat at mast and is also run back to coachroof.  Alternatively a horn cleat at mast (likely is one there already for some other purpose) and when short handed cleat it there.  The rest of the halyard could still be run back to cockpit with the excess either bundled at mast or in cockpit at your discretion.



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