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+1 to Edd's suggestion.  Unless you are breaking ice this is an area of very low wear.  In 2000 we used a one part Petit product to paint a blue boot stripe over the existing green one on our Niagara 26.  Just taped and rolled/tipped and done in less than an hour.  Still looked good when we sold the boat in 2007.   If doing the topsides I would have another opinion ...  just not for boot and cove stripes

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Interlux Brightside. Light sanding should do you fine. Plan on several coats.

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Want to freshen up Awlgriped water line stripes.

I assume I need to sand it but do not want to sand the topsides or the blue stripe between the two white stripes.  I will be taping of course but just sand over tape?  Wont the sanding affect the tapes edge and therefore the ultimate paint line will be sloppy?

Paint choice for painting and any other suggestions for the job?

Thanks in advance

David F. Risch
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