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        On my boat they drilled the holes in the right place but never used any calking around the bolts,   that was swell wasn't it !!

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> I have experienced keel bolt weeping on my C&C 41 early on. After some detailed efforts, I determined that is was the result of improperly drilled bolt holes in the hull/keel stub. When I removed the nut, and the washer from the leaking bolt, It was obvious. C&C had drilled a bolt hole in the hull/stub, but it wasn’t lined up with the keel bolt, so they drilled a 2nd hole to accommodate the keel bolt. This left a gap with only about 1/2 of the hole filled by the keel bolt.  They tried to fill the gap with butyl. It worked for a while, but eventually weeped.
> My fix was simple. After removing the nut, and the washer, I carefully cleaned out the partial hole, filled it with West Epoxy with filler, then re-bedded it with butyl, replaced the washer, replaced the nut, re-torqued it and never had it leak or weep again. That was about 20 years ago.
> Essentially my problem was a manufacturing problem with C&C.
> Maybe yours is a simple thing like that
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> Hi Listers,
>   I'm having trouble searching the archives for info on the possible repair scenarios for a keel bolt seeping seawater.  It's not much, just slightly weeping.  I know this has been written about extensively but not finding it on this forum.  The worst case scenario is the keel must be dropped and rebedded and I know someone on the list has done this before.  What is the bedding compound of choice?  Is there any other, as in cheaper, scenario that's viable?  The tops of the bolts and their nuts look in good shape and there's no rust/corrosion on what I can see.  It's the part that I can't see that I'm nervous about. I will get the boat hauled to better check it out and look at the options, but considering her age (she turns 40 next month), have to consider the options. I don't have the pockets to get emotional about this. One of us weeping is plenty! Thanks for your help.  
> Barbara L. Hickson
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