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That's pretty much the nut of it, there is not the same critical mass or
informed user base as with  mainstream mobile computing, (and this IS
mobile computing) and today, the tradeoff exists between the benefits (many
contrived) of single-brand solutions, and the benefits of a more open
approach.  Still, they have to strategize about their new competition - a
$50, full featured chartplotter,   (yes, in a relatively fragile device) on
technologies with very short (relatively) life cycles and blistering
innovation rates.   Amazing really.

I dealt with the fragility issues by buying a lifeproof case and RAM
mount.  Pretty rugged stuff, and fine for my application - summer sailing
on Lake Ontario.

I differ a bit on the software upgrade opinion - as with cars this could be
a safety and liability issue for the manufacturers.   If they make it
unreasonably difficult, they have a problem.  something else for them to
grapple with.

Other than chartplotters, tablet based Apps are thin on the ground so far,
partly because of the small market, partly the "closed shop" of the major
players, and - somewhat related- partly because "open" wireless N2K is in
its infancy, though this is changing.      The next few years will be


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Yes, the industry is changing, but it is such a niche market so that
development costs are spread over a small product run.  Signal K and other
protocols may make it easier to mix and match. However, everyone uses
proprietary NMEA sentences for their products.  Besides, no one says you
have to upgrade your software.

Ever try to upload an I app to the Apple store?  You can only do it on a

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