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With the USB to Go cable you can connect any USB device. Even a hub. I use it regularly with a USB stick. Btw. Amazon would send you one for about the same direct to home.

However, be careful, because not all phones support it. If you have a SD card slot, it will for sure. If it does not have the memory expansion, check. If I remember correctly, Google Nexus 5 did not, but Samsung S6 does.


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Great idea.  My phone charts are only as backup but for that price, having a mpuse is probably well worth it.
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Peter- go to NewEgg and get a USB to go for $1.49 . Heck, while you're at it,  get a half dozen and give some to your friends.  You can plug a mouse into it and have mouse functionality on your Android or tablet.  Not sure about IOS.

Bill Coleman
C&C 39

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I put a micro SD on my phone, loaded with those free Coast guard raster charts.  Android version of OpenCPN is really nice.   I find myself using that more often than the garmin chart plotter.    Gps works pretty good.  I’ve been making a point to see how far off I am from various buoys as go past them.  It’s pretty accurate.  Even my kids Tablet Galaxy Tab 2 has a version of openCPN, with its own Micro SD card and charts.   He is 8 and navigates using his own device.    I would trust either of them in an emergency.  Obviously you always want redundancy.
Course planning is difficult without a mouse.   I have a 12V PC for that, with external GPS via serial port,  running windows version of OpenCPN.

Petar Horvatic
76 C&C 38MkII
Newport, RI

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I cannot say enough good about it. If it were possible to buy daylight waterproof displays for less than a commercial chart plotter costs Raytheon, B&G, Sitex, etc. would all be unable to sell any plotters.
The real downsides are the current demands of a PC and relative fragility of the hardware.  I use an ancient IBM ThinkPad as my nav PC. It can run on straight 12 volts if need be (I have an 18 volt adapter that charges it and runs it) and is NEVER connected to any network EVER. It has nothing on it but OpenCPN and PSK-31 software for the SSB.

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I am looking for what others think about the open CPN navigation program.

Fred Hazzard
S/V Fury
C&C 44
Portland, Or


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