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Give RC boat advantageous points in series
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I am looking for ideas on various ways to encourage club members to serve as Race Committee and Mark Boat personnel.

Currently, our Club Racing Chairperson cajoles, begs, etc. club members who race to serve periodically as the PRO, RC and MB crew. Since we have a one design Sunfish fleet,
they often provide this for the PHRF racers and the PHRF racers reciprocate for the Sunfish races.

If a PHRF racer misses a PHRF race for which he/she serves as a RC, SB, MB or PRO, their score that day is the same as their average race score for the series so they do not suffer
in scoring or qualification for the series when they serve. Of course this does not provide an incentive to serve.

One local club has pretty regular RC and SB crew.

Another,without that luxury, rotates it among the PHRF racers, awarding a 2nd place to the boat who serves and limits this service to
one race day per series. Basically they induce racers to serve with at least a couple of 2nd places that they might not otherwise receive.

Some ideas we are considering include getting an iron clad commitment to serve as PRO/RC from each racer which commits them to do it on a specific race day and requires them to find a replacement
crew if something comes up that requires them to bow out. If they cannot find a replacement or trade dates with someone, then the racing that day would be cancelled.

We are also considering giving a modest 'stipend' to encourage some club members to consider taking this on for our ~ 10 race day 2017 PHRF season (6 race Saturdays and 2 weekend regattas).

I prefer to give something to those who serve (2nd place on their service day, free/reduced series or regatta entry fees, etc.) since it basically impossible to 'punish' a volunteer club member who doesn't show up
to 'do his duty'. I also believe a carrot is more effective than a stick!

Any list suggestions/examples would be appreciated.


Charlie Nelson
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1995 C&C 36 XL/cb

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