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Russ & Melody russmel at
Fri Sep 30 17:39:48 EDT 2016

Hey Wally,

Good to hear from you at last and glad you survived the"summer o' sixteen".

I haven't checked for updates in a long while too. What's this 
Facebook thing... is it an interactive plotter?

Anyhow, still banging away here on an XP machine with Eudora as the 
mail client.

Summer's almost over and we're flying to Hawaii for a few weeks. The 
ol' lady turns sixty soon so it's special.
My brother and a couple o' friends will be down to check on their 
boats at the yard near San Carlos, probably November-ish. I wish 
every one the best.

         Take care & fair winds, Russ
         Sweet 35 mk-1

At 10:48 AM 30/09/2016, you wrote:
>Okay,  clearly I'm not keeping up.  And after not updating my web 
>site in nearly two years (for technical reasons) I finally put up a 
>Facebook page, because I wanted to tell the story about how I almost 
>lost Stella Blue.
>I'm pretty sure the URL is 
><>  Please don't ask me to be your 
>'friend' unless you actually know me.  This whole Face Book thing 
>has almost made me throw my computer and phone into the pool. I can 
>count my friends on my toes, and no one in the world can really have 
>thousands of friends.  Literally 20 seconds after I signed up, some 
>real friends are sending me messages.  Then I start getting invites 
>from old girlfriends from the 1970's.  Heck, it took me 10 years to 
>forget some of them, I don't need any reminders.  And somebody from 
>the University of Nigeria wants me to help him transfer a bunch of money...
>And folks wonder why I checked out and have been hiding on my boat in Mexico.
>s/v Stella Blue
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