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But can it drain when heeled?
Bill Walker 
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On our 33 MK2, the cockpit drain lines are cross routed to through hulls (port/starboard hull beneath cockpit.

This way when the boat is heeled over water can not come up the drain line.




1985 33 MK2

Kenosha, WI

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Hi Barbara,

I have a 33-1 with the same configuration.  I don't see any need to change
it as It works well for draining small amounts of water.   However, when
you need to empty the cockpit in a hurry, say when its been filled after
being pooped by a breaking wave, you need more drain cross-section.  I
added a 2" (or maybe its 1.5") drain from the cockpit aft bulkhead (as
close to the cockpit floor as possible) angled down slightly to the
transom.   I can tell you that the last time I was up to my knees in water,
I was pleased to have the extra drainage!



On Tue, Aug 1, 2017 at 6:37 PM, Barbara L. Hickson via CnC-List <
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> On my '76 33-1, the cockpit drains into thru hulls with inline ball valves
> in a y configuration below the cockpit floor and then straight down thru
> the hull, well beneath the waterline. It appears from line drawings that
> this is the only practical configuration. If the drains were rerouted to
> either side of the hull or to the stern above the waterline, there would a)
> not be enough slope, and b) the outlets would allow water back into the
> cockpit when heeling or with a following wave.
> Has anyone done this, or am I correct in my assessment?  Has anyone used
> marelon replacement flanged seacocks?  Their video says they are to be
> screwed only to a backing plate and not screwed all the way thru the hull.
> Seems like a good solution if it works.
> Thx for any input.
> Barbara Hickson
> "Flight Risk" '76 33-1
> Charleston, SC


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