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Despite its longstanding use in maritime history, I was warned early on to never name a boat a woman’s name. For example, someone I knew named his boat after his girlfriend Diana, and was then prompted over the season by his boating buddies with the following questions:

"How many men can Diana take?"
"How wide is Diana?"
"Can you sleep on Diana?"
"Is Diana fast?"
"Can Diana handle a good blow?"
"How far can Diana go?"
"Is Diana hard to control?"
"Is it difficult to get Diana out of a slip?"
"Is Diana overheating?"
"Will you loan Diana to a friend?"
and, my favorite,
"Will you put Diana on the hard this winter or keep her wet?"

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On Aug 4, 2017, at 1:42 AM, svpegasus38 via CnC-List <cnc-list at> wrote:

Renaming my new (to me) 1988 Landfall 39 on Friday. Significant Other will be stricken from Poseidon's records, and I will ask him to watch over all that sail on Rebecca Leah (after my daughters) from here on out. My daughter's will be at the ceremony and then a nice sail out on Puget Sound.  
I hope I haven't jinxed everything by posting this early. 
Just had the denaming ceremony. Lots of champagne both for us and the gods.

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Doug Mountjoy 
Pegasus (for sale)

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