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Some are dual purpose switch / circuit breakers:

That one is rated at 10,000 cycles as a switch.  The MRSP is $40 USD, more expensive than a switch and fuse.

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Paul,?Circuit breakers were not designed to be used as a switch, although we all do. Me included. This being used as a switch will cause them to fail over time. I believe you just had bad luck having 2 fail symotainiously. I like paneltronics stuff. because I have used it in the past, and they will custom build a panel for you.? 
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My 2 problem breakers were from the 12v DC side of the panel.? The AC is the 
left side and the DC is the right 2 sides. I have the main shut off switch 
for the panel otherwise, there is not backup breaker for the DC. 
Paul Hood 
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