Stus-List changing stern light & converting nav lights to LEDs?

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First to Richard, who started this thread:  

First, identify the light.  On our 1994 C&C 37/40+, ours lights are Aqua Signal 41 series lights.  1 screw at the bottom will remove the lens.  As for the bulb, in these, they are specifically Aqua Signal brand labled, and are 25 watt incandescent bulbs on the bow lights and 10 watt on the stern. 

The base is 1/2 across, but the pins are offset, one higher than another.  I don't know if this is an Aqua Signal brand thing going on, or if this is a standard base for a similar automotive bulb number - does anyone know?
I'd like to convert our lights to LED, as 60 watts of total power for nav lights is 5 amps, and with LEDs, I should be able to drop that to 1 amp or less - that in my mind is a huge difference for cruising overnight.  

Does anyone know the proper LEDs for accomplishing this, and at a reasonable price?  Yes, I understand if I put a bulb in that isn't specifically designed for the light I may be deviating from the MFR requirements and thus maybe causing an issue if there were to be an accident.  Still, it's better than running down a battery in my opinion.
One other note - From everything I have read, red LED replacements should be placed behind red lenses and green behind green lenses (rather than using white bulbs).  This is because the colored LEDs produce light that is close to the same wavelength as the lenses, so the filter very little of the light.  

Guidance anyone?   Bruce Whitmore

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Bulb is out(?) in the stern running light. 1) what is the the bulb for an OEM 1978 36-footer? 2) suggestions for swapping the bulb while we're in the water? I'm thinking of taping the frame, etc. to the transom to try to minimize dropping pieces overboard. 3) wait till the boat's on the hard? 
Thanks, Richard Walter s/v INDIGO _______________________________________________

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