Stus-List C&C NW Rendezvous. Telegraph Harbor, BC

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Thanks Ed.  Your video is nice too.  Just a tiny 
bit over the top, maybe, but nice.  And after 
all, this is ot a competition, but if it were I 
would wait until you knew how many C&C's you have 
show up this year to see who the real winner 
is.  We only 19 this year... with 8 signed up 
already, you should have no trouble having more.

Tom B

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>Nice video and a great way to promote the 
>Northwest Rendezvous. Not quite as good as the 
>ones we use to promote the Northeast Rendezvous 
>? <> ? but nice work.
>Not that it?s a competition or anything, but if 
>it were, we?d totally be winning. :-)
>Eight boats coming with a few weeks to sign up 
>remaining ? Join the Rendezvous in Greenport, NY 
>(Long Island?s north fork) ? 
> <>
>All the best,
>Edd M. Schillay
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