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Hello all, 

I thought I'd let you know what I found out  The bulbs mentioned below fit very will and put out a good amount of red light through the courtesy lights, which made it easy to see down below when it is dark but won't disrupt you night vision.  The small bulb size worked quite well in replacing the #90 bulbs.
I would highly recommend them despite the $7 or so per bulb cost.
The 4 bulbs combined draw less than an amp of power.  

Hoping you find this helpful, 

 Bruce Whitmore

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I am just replacing them on my 1994 C&C 37/40+ now.  If they are small chrome caps with cutouts to let the light out the bottom, then they should be the same as what I have.  Mine were stamped 90 on the metal base, which is equivalent to the same base as a 1142 bulb, but you're right that they are quite small when it comes to the size of the glass globe.
Here are the ones I ordered:  1142 LED Bulb w/ Stock Cover - 12 SMD LED - BA15D Retrofit - 107 Lumens | BA15 Bayonet Base Bulbs | Marine LED Replacement Bulbs | LED Boat Lights and Marine LED Lights | Super Bright LEDs

|   |  
1142 LED Bulb w/ Stock Cover - 12 SMD LED - BA15D Retrofit - 107 Lumens | BA15 Bayonet Base Bulbs | Marine LED Replac...
 LED replacement bulbs can fit numerous boat and RV applications such as navigation lights, cabin lights, dome li...  |  |



The BA15D (as opposed to a BAY15D) means that one contact on the bottom is for positive, one is for negative, and the base does not carry current.  When compared to an 1157, there are two positive contacts on the bottom, and the metal base is the negative contact (think brake lights on an older car).
This being said, they are arriving this week and I have NOT YET installed them, so I can confirm the fit after this weekend.

I decided to go with red lights so that we can leave them on while sailing at night to go down below. The ones shown are 100 lumens, which should be somewhere between 2 - 4 times brighter than the original bulbs based on this chart:

You can probably tell I've been digging into this a bit over the last few weeks, as I've been in the process of replacing all my interior lights with LEDs, and the replacements for the navigation lights will arrive this week as well...
Hoping you find this helpful,  Bruce Whitmore

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Expanding on the LED discussion, does anyone know what type of bulb is in the courtesy lights in the Rob Ball era boats? They have to be small. 
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