Stus-List wheel squeak

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On my '73 30-1 I don't have the zerc (sp?) but I do have a cup that I fill with grease.  I use the same grease as the winches.  One fills the cup and screws the cap on slightly; then turns the cap a bit at a time to add more grease.This presumes it was the rudder shaft that was squeaking, not the wheel bearing.RonWild CheriC&C 30-1STL

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Interestingly, I was just about to place a post about a clunking/crunching sound that seems to come put I'd the idler pulley as the wheel is turned either port or starboard from straight ahead.   Is this the same issue, either lubrication  (which I have tried, but perhaps not properly) or replacement of the idler wheels or axles?
Bruce Whitmore 1994 C&C 37/40+

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