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I agree.  I didn't mean to imply I'm against the dinghy; except for beginners.After we learned more on the San Juan 24, a responsive keel boat, we bought a Thistle to race on Sunday.  It was a blast!  You could always tell a Thistle sailor on the lot; wore his knee pads backwards (narrow rail to hike out on).RonWild CheriC&C 30-1STL

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Seems to be interest in this topic.
I'm a strange one.  I'm a recovering beach cat sailor but I understand the wisdom of learning to sail in a small boat.
I greatly improved my sailing acumen with some time on a Laser and again on a Lido (Still have the Lido).  Simply put, you can feel the tiniest changes in a small boat.  Shift your weight an inch or so and it affects the boat.  Wave effects are amplified.  You just "feel" the boat so much better.  Plus, dinghies are a kick in the butt to sail.  Good fun!
Many of the best sailors in my area started in dinghies.  We have Mallory Cup winners, regional winners, etc.  They all swear by learning in dinghies.  Everything you learn in a dinghy transfers to big boats.
On the other hand, I can appreciate that many folks are uncomfortable in small, unstable dinghies.  Heck, many folks are uncomfortable on some big stiff sailboats.  :)
If you're a cruiser who is not interested in racing or performance sailing, you should have no problem skipping the dinghy learning.  If you want to improve your sailing skills, consider jumping in a sailing dinghy and playing.
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