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Doug Ellmore doug at
Wed Aug 30 08:43:15 EDT 2017

4 years ago, the parents of one of the HS cross country athletes I coached
gave me a 1964 Pearson Hawk 15.5' day sailor.  It had been sitting under a
walnut tree for 16 years.  It was a mess on a trailer.

I power washed it inside and out and then went through the process of
restoring it.

I sailed it two years on the West River, many time sailing out to Thomas
Point in the Chesapeake Bay.  I did a number of thing to make single handed
race oriented sailing possible.

In 2016, I got a deal on a 1976 C&C 24.  I raced it during the fall on 2016
and did pretty well.  I then did a lot of running rigging changes to
improve sail trim and single/short handed racing.

We had a lot of good success with it this year racing.  Our only issue is
the with a PHRF of 234, in flaky light air, we struggle if the air dies at
the end of a Wednesday evening race.  We typically finish mid pack with old
cruising sails.

The 25' will be nicer with the head with privacy.  I switched the 24' head
to a portable head with a removable tray.  It hardly is ever used.

You'll really improve your sailing skills if you learn the wind range of
your boat and sail in all types of weather.

Good Luck with the C&C 25!

Doug Ellmore, Sr.
s/v Red Sky, 1976 C&C 24
doug at
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