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Add me to the last st of very satisfied customers - vang, cars on a C&C 27-III.

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It was posted a while ago, that Garhauer Marine no longer sells ball bearing jib cars but only sold cars with plastic (Delrin) bearings.  I've found this not to be completely correct.  If you really want ball bearings, you can talk to Guido and he will make them for you (same price).  They prefer to sell the plastic ones because many customers have had trouble installing or removing the cars and losing bearings (they don't float).  He said there's not a significant performance difference between ball bearing and plastic, but conceded that the ball bearings were slightly better.  I ordered the ball bearing version and am very happy with them.  If your are careful installing them, they are easy to install and work very well.  Garhauer makes bullet proof stuff at a very reasonable price.  I have no affiliation with Garhauer Marine or any of their employees.  I'm just a happy customer that has purchased many products from them.

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