Stus-List 1972 C&C custom 43 for sale $25K

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The asking price is very low.  Must be in marginal shape – project boat.

My 1976-designed 42 Custom, also built in the Bruckmann shop, looks very similar.  The “repair bill” will obviously depend on what needs to be done.  My boat needed a lot of core repair below the waterline (and upgrades, which are ongoing).  The advertised boat, being four years older, may be solid glass.  If not, you would need a thorough survey with someone who knows a moisture meter.

I like my boat (a lot).  We use it for entertaining friends and a limited amount of racing.  It races to its 84 rating on longer, point-to-point races where we have seas to contend with and sail changes/adjustments are made as needed.  For short around the buoy races in flat water, the boat is too big for a typical fleet of Beneteau 36s, J 109, and J 35s.  The smaller, lighter boats tack and get up to speed quickly.  By contrast, our beast of a boat requires more effort and time.

Everything on the boat is big.  We need about 8 knowledgeable and capable people to race with a chute when the wind is over 10 knots.

My boat also came with lots of sails.  This means the boat was raced.  In my case, most of the sails were in really bad shape and have been discarded.  New sails on a boat of this size are expensive.

Summing up, if you know what you’re getting in to, it could be a great boat.  That said, you need to really understand what you’re getting in to. 

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Someone emailed me this listing:

Comments? What would the repair bill be like?

Not interested in buying the boat. Just curious. The asking price seems low. 



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