Stus-List C&C 34 Parts For Sale

Chris Duer chrisduer at
Fri Feb 24 16:32:31 EST 2017

Hi All -
Well, it took until last week for our insurance to finally take our beloved C&C 34 for salvage after Hurricane Matthew in October!
We had a few parts still kicking around that were getting cleaned up.  If anyone is looking for:
4 step transom ladder ($100 plus shipping)Cockpit pedestal mount table with mounting brackets ($70 plus shipping)Old breaker style C&C etched DC panel (free, you pay shipping)
Pictures at the following link.

I'm sure there will be more as I go through the boxes, but this is a start.
We had a great time with her for 10 years, it's a sad time to see her go...
Chris Duerex-C&C 34 #117Morning View
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