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I lowered and raised the mast on my Cape Dory 22 every year using the boom as a gin pole. I also lead a team of guys to raise the mast on an O'Day 24.  Doesn't make me an expert, but we got it done safely and securely.      

The topping lift must be attached for this.
Two guys who work well together can do it, but it's better with three or four.  One guy controls the mainsheet to raise or lower the mast while two others can guide the mast down onto the bow pulpit.  The key is to rig the mainsheet so you can operate it while keeping the boom on centerline.  If the boom falls off to one side, the mast will go to that side and bind at the tabernackle or worse, go overboard.

Lowering:  all sails are off.  Lube all turnbuckles.  Check your mainsheet and adjust the length so you can work the thing from the cabintop, with the boom straight up.  That's where the boom will be when the mast is horizontal.  You may need to reeve a much longer line for this, or add pendants, or add a 2nd purchase like a handy billy.  The weight of the mast is easy until it gets between 45 degrees and horizontal.  Two guys on the foredeck can easily work together and lower the mast from that 45 degree position onto the pullpit.  The guy with the mainsheet and guiding the boom as a gin pole can make their job super easy and that's why we made it so long.  The headstay can remain connected.  The backstay and shrouds need to be unattached just before the mast lowering, so lube them, loosen them but don't disconnect them until just prior to the deed. Tie a thick boat cushion to the bow pullpit to catch the mast.  Have all this ready before assembling your two helpers, then explain the plan and how they will need to grab the mast at about 6 feet up and steady it.  Tension the mainsheet before undoing the backstay.  Then with your helpers steadying the mast, you remove the turnbuckle clevis pins for the shrouds and backstay.   Then you remove the rear pin from the tabernackle. You take up position on the cabintop to steady the boom while controlling the boom on centerline.  A fourth person could help center the boom for you.  Then the mast guys walk the mast from vertical and (walking across the deck set it onto the pulpit.  They will be walking across the cabin top and down onto the deck, so be sure that surface is clean, clear and unobstructed. 

Raising: rig everything to the mast, all stays, shrouds, and halyards.  Position clevis pins and cotter keys at each approriate deck fitting.  Get the mast on deck, but only attach the headstay.  The headstay will need to go over the pullpit rail to the deck fitting.  Reverse the lowering procedure.  Get the beckstay on and then the shrouds.

1990 C&C 34R
Broad Creek, Magothy River, Md

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> I've recently come into possession of a 1981 C&C25, and would like to unstep the mast. The mast fitting seems to have an incorporated tabernacle. Does anyone have experience with this endeavor?
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