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I purchased a tayana fd12 in september, ended up submitting several parts
of the application, all per the instruction document.  Few of them were
release of primary mortgage bill of sale and exchange of COD.  all via
email and pdfs attached.  I was a bit scepticall but the coast guard
website was accurate on processing times.  I got the new COD last week.  it
was  under 100$.  So it took a bit, my guess was due to request for release
of PM.  Coast Guard website works but u need to do your own due diligence,
read requirements and fulfill them as required.

On Feb 3, 2017 8:17 PM, "RANDY via CnC-List" <cnc-list at> wrote:

> Listers - fair warning - I got deceived today into paying 3X what I needed
> to for USCG documentation renewal.  I received a letter via USPS from an
> entity named "U.S. Vessel Documentation", domain name,
> titled "Vessel Renewal Courtesy Notice".  As I'm sure the sender intended,
> I mistook the letter as being from the United States Coast Guard National
> Vessel Documentation Center, reminding me to renew my Certificate of
> Documentation.  It's been on my mind that my CoD is expiring soon, and I've
> been expecting a reminder.
> So I went to, filled out the renewal form, and
> submitted it.  I was surprised to see the price was $75 - I'd remembered
> the renewal cost being ~$25 - but I thought "well, the Coast Guard must
> have raised their prices", and submitted the form anyway, with my credit
> card information.
> Somehow sometime after doing that, I noticed fine print at the very bottom
> of web pages, where you wouldn't even normally
> scroll or look, saying "U.S. Vessel Documentation is NOT the U.S. Coast
> Guard or the National Vessel Documentation Center; we are a third party
> agency that handles USCG Documentation processing to NVDC."
> So then I went to the real USCG NVDC website,
> nvdc/default.asp, where I applied for an exchange of the CoD last year
> when I bought Grenadine (since she was previously USCG-documented), and
> confirmed their renewal fee is only $26 and you can file for renewal online
> right there.
> At that point I realized I'd been had, and immediately requested
> cancellation of my renewal order from that company, in writing, and in
> voice mail, and filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and the
> USGC NVDC about "U.S. Vessel Documentation", and contacted my credit card
> company to block the charge from this merchant.  I'm now in the process of
> posting about this experience on sailing-related forums I've visited.
> If you own a USCG-documented vessel, *DO NOT* do business through the
> deceitful company, unless you don't mind paying 3X
> the cost of something you could do directly though
> nvdc/default.asp <,>.  These "U.S.
> Vessel Documentation" people are predatory.
> I've posted the letter I received, and an email exchange I had with this
> company, at
> Cheers,
> Randy Stafford
> S/V Grenadine
> C&C 30-1 #7
> Ken Caryl, CO
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