Stus-List Anyone need/want a really big wheel?

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Chuck brings up a good point to anyone wishing to acquire a cheap “big wheel”.  Most European wheels with a straight shaft will have a 25mm bore rather than the 1” diameter on an Edson pedestal.  The Edson hub also has a 2 3/8” depth which allows the wheel nut to secure the wheel on the shaft. Shorter hubs will require that you make a spacer to take up the extra room.  Not only is the bore a factor, but most newer steering wheels are built with a bit of “dish” to allow them additional strength at the rim.  As such, you may find with a new Edson or Lewmar performance wheel that the rim will set further aft than your current wheel, meaning a slight loss of foot room behind the helm.

And it is always a good idea to make a “trial wheel” from cardboard, mount it on your pedestal and then make sure you can open all the lazarettes and lockers in the cockpit without first needing to take off the wheel.  Not as much of an issue with “T” cockpits, but older boats will be limited.

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About a year ago, I had a problem with bigger-wheel envy and I asked the list-perts here about a wheel I subsequently purchased on E-Bay.  It was less than 1/16 too small for my Edson 1" shaft and had wheel reamed at a local machine shop (as suggested here) to fit.  Went from a 36" to 44" wheel on my 35-3.  


Now the point:  Absolutely best move...other than looking "correct" to my eye, I agree with everyone here about the functional upgrade.  Sailing is much easier and more options to sit (I also removed the camel-hump).  Girlfriend would rather have the room afforded by the old I really like your link to the Edson rail-mounted storage clamp.  Thanks.



Chuck Saur



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