Stus-List Anyone need/want a really big wheel?

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Hello all,
For those who dropped me a note with interest in my wheel, I'm not ignoring you!  I just haven't been back to the boat, and even when I do this weekend, will have little time to do anything other than finish up some maintenance before moving the boat. 

That being said, based on the comments here, I'll see how thing go through the delivery of the boat which will cover about 120 NM and 3 days.  In the end, I really expect that my wife will continue to want the smaller wheel, and we'll probably come back and offer it to folks here on the list first.  

Stay tuned, I should know more in about 2 -3 weeks time.
Thanks for all your input!!! Bruce Whitmore

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I use a plastic spring clamp (my 1st mate keeps lots of stuff like thisaboard). I keep it parked on the pedestal support plate when not in useand then use it to secure the key in place when the wheel is off.  Ialso put the quick release wheel nut back on and throw the now very loosewheel cover over it to keep things tidy.

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Put a dap of nail polish on the key that will hold it in place (if youuse Loctite, don?t put the wheel back on too soon , don?t ask why I knowthis)


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