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Sat Feb 11 11:26:23 EST 2017

Solar Fans:

I considered adding some Lewmar opening ports, till I noticed many cruisers had solar fans installed thru them.  So I added two solar fans instead of ports, one over the Galley, and one over the Ice Box which are the highest points on the cabin.  They made a huge difference.  I added one to the head and replaced the one on the foredeck hatch so the boat has four fans.|6880|2290139|2290144&id=1193043

The other thing that got rid of the boat smell, was cleaning the bilge, removing all of the grime, and painting it with bilgecote.   I only did the middle of the boat, but that's where the water collects and what a difference that made.  No more boat smell.

1990 C&C 34R
Broad Creek, Magothy River, Md
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