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I get water down my mast - inside and outside. I need to redo the mast seal :(
The water that goes down the outside can sometimes land on the corner of the port settee and get in that locker. If you have water in the outboard lockers, it is from somewhere else.
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FWIW, I get a similar amount of water in the boat as you're finding, most comes down the mast.  However, water under the settee is most likely from hull/deck joint.  My boat had also been on the hard for three years before my purchase, and the lockers under the port settees were all getting some water.  It's not a big deal to tighten all the screws in the toe rail, as that's probably the source of the water.  Takes two people of course, one above to hold the screw, the other below to tighten the nut.  Don't overdo it, as you don't want to squeeze the sealant out, just snug them up.  It took care of it for me.

Sad to hear of Art's passing, he made the 35-1 look really fast.

Neil Gallagher
Weatherly, 35-1
Glen Cove, NY
On 2/12/2017 9:13 PM, Thomas Delaney via CnC-List wrote:
Randy, Neil, Bill,

Thank you all for the advice. I've marked the hull with a washable marker and will check for water next weekend. The mast is in, and it hadn't crossed my mind that the water was coming through it. I'll add replacing the mast boot and installing a garboard drain to my list of projects.

Thanks again,

Snow Goose
C&C 35 Mk I
City Island, NY


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