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In response to one of your queries below: I like circuit breakers for both AC and DC; I like Blue Sea Systems; and I do not like panels that combine AC and DC.  I replaced the original fuse panel on my 34 with two BSS DC circuit breaker panels (one relatively large, and the second because I needed more breakers).  To get them to fit in the old fuse panel configuration, I had a fabricating shop make an aluminum frame the same size as the old panel (about $50), with cut-outs for installing the BSS panels.  I then sent the aluminum frame to BSS, and they painted or powder-coated it (or whatever they do) so that it matched their panels ? and they did this for free because I was using their circuit breaker panels.  I also replaced the clunky old AC breaker box with a small BSS circuit breaker with polarity indicator.  I also installed a BSS switch that keeps the house and engine batteries separate but can cross connect in the event of a problem with the engine battery.  Great sys!
 tem, which I?m considering for my ?new? boat (a 42).  

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So, the old girl came off the hard, has a new electric motor and is now going to get new cabin wiring.


I have been reading about bonding, grounding, panels, etc. and my head is spinning, so thought I ?d turn to the list for some collective wisdom


Here?s a few:


What sort of panels do people recommend?  The spread is for a couple hundred bucks for a fuse panel to well over a grand for a combined AC/DC Blue Seas baby.


I am removing the old combined AC/DC panel above the companionway with one 6 gang panel in the cockpit and a 12 position plus 3 AC at the Nav Station.




Ok, so who is using an isolation transformer?


Do you connect the DC Negative at the battery with the AC ground on your incoming?




Who connects all the rig, prop shaft and keel in one electrical bundle also connected with battery ground?  Has anyone ever considered bonding the aluminum toe rails?


RFI shielding


What do you guys do to reduce RFI cross talk?


That?s it for now.


This will be a simple boat, VHF, GPS Simrad WP30 Wheelpilot and Standard Instruments.  The power supply for the electric motor was done already by a marine electrical guy and works extremely well.




Let ?er roll!




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