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I wondered that, too.  I generally worry about less than 20 feet.

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In 24 years of keelboat ownership, covering several boats and several iterations of sounders and plotter/sounders from Raymarine, Garmin, Lawrence, and Standard Horizon, I don’t recall ever having a sounder that would work for depths over 200 feet. I suspect there are “professional” units that will do it, but also suspect they are more expensive than the units we would buy for our recreational boats.


Maybe Fred Street can weigh in on what would be needed for greater depth. 


But my question is” Why do you need depths over 200 ft.?”


Rick Brass

Washington, NC



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Planning to install new thru hull transducer when I haul the boat in the coming weeks.  Trying to decide on: i) a simple depth only display, or ii) a more elaborate chart plotter with depth.  


For chart and depth, I currently use my iPhone in a waterproof case on a RAM mount. Navionics for charts and for depth a SonarPhone TBox with an in-hull transducer.  This works fine for my purposes but it would be good to have redundancy and something that works for deeper depths (>200ft). 


Any recommendations?








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