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Mon Feb 27 13:32:11 EST 2017

Amsoil ATF is what I use.  Amsoil markets this product to be universally
compatible with a wide range of products.

FWIW, I believe that ATF 'A' is the same as Dexron II and when Dexron III
came out, they designed the oil to meet all the specs of Dexron II.  When
Dexron IV came out they designed it to meet all the specs of Dexron III.

Josh Muckley
S/V Sea Hawk
1989 C&C 37+
Solomons, MD

On Feb 27, 2017 1:10 PM, "Mark Baldridge via CnC-List" <
cnc-list at> wrote:

Ahoy Universal/Hurst transmission owners,

I'm changing all the fluids on the M-35 and and the last thing I need to do
is drain & fill the transmission fluid.

This is the only fluid that I don't know what the PO used last.

The manual says ATF "A " or GM-Dextron II. Do not mix different oils.

I'm going to drain everything before re-filling. What brand/label of
transmission fluid do you guys use?

Mark Baldridge
'89 C&C 37/40+ "The Edge"
'75 C&C35 MKII "The Edge"
Surf City, NC


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