Stus-List caulk question and West 6-10 to the rescue

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I'm a fan of the 6-10 for overdrilling screw holes too!  I've also used it
for gluing wood mounting blocks to glass.

You never know when someone is going to loose their balance and grab
whatever they find.  I'd want the added insurance of fasteners.


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> My old vent over the head finally UV rotted and fell apart. I bought a nice
> new Marinco stainless steel solar vent and got busy getting the old deck
> fitting off. First thing I discovered was the source of a longstanding leak
> that has been driving me nuts, the old vent was not well caulked and water
> was getting into the core on the outboard side and getting between the deck
> and the headliner, where it would migrate and leak :(
> First thing is a core repair RIGH NOW because it will rain tomorrow, so I
> scooped out the rotten balsa and used a hair dryer to dry out the remaining
> core. I went to West to get some Marine-Tex to fil in the gap and I already
> have epoxy for sealing the wood. I was looking around and spotted West
> System 6-10 in a caulking type tube that you use with a caulk gun. It comes
> with a mixing nozzle too.
> I cannot overstate how impressed I am with the 6-10. It is SO easy to work
> with :) The nozzle allowed me to inject the mixture into the core and
> totally fill the gap I scooped out.  The mix is think enough to stay in the
> gap and liquid enough to attach to the good core. I was going to run home
> for my MAAS epoxy to finish the job, but I used my finger in a glove and
> was
> able to seal the core with it too.
> All was well until I had nose itch and got epoxy on my nose and my glasses
> LOL.
> Questions - the new vent does not fit into a deck plate, it is designed to
> mount directly to the deck. They suggest using silicone caulk. I already
> have 4200, would that work? Also I my experience, something with that much
> flat surface against the deck is going to be very well glued on by the
> caulk. I doubt it will ever come loose unless I run a blade under it, so do
> I need to bother with the mounting screws into the deck?
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