Stus-List Exterior Teak Varnish Recommendation?

Daniel Sheer dansheer at
Tue Feb 28 20:03:10 EST 2017

I like Cetol, but I don't use it on my exterior teak. I'm a Semco believer. When I got Pegathy the exterior varnish was useless. Had to be stripped off. It was a Royal Paine Diaz, as Click and Clack would say. I put on two coats of Semco Honeytone. Had to put on a third later that year. Next year, two coats as well. Since then one coat a year. The teak looks great and feels like wood. Never have to sand or strip. If the rain has washed it off, I just put on one coat each spring. Application (with a foam brush ever-so-lightly dipped in the juice) is as easy as can be. It's very thin and flows on easily, and seals (and fills to some extent) the teak. Wouldn't go back to varnish unless someone put a gun to my head.
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