Stus-List Exterior Teak Varnish Recommendation?

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Tue Feb 28 21:27:25 EST 2017

I've done both sickens and epiphanies on two different boats.  Other than the time between coats, I dont see the the benefit to sickens.  It seemed softer and less deep a finish than the varnish.  As far as upkeep, a couple of coats a year on either product seems a wash.  I'd  go with the varnish myself.  Although,  I didn't do this on the new handrails on my last boat,  I think I might coat new wood with epoxy first then 7 or 8 coats of epiphanies.  I did that on the new hatch boards of my last boat and was pleasantly surprised with the results!  I made them out of some marine plywood I had left over from a project on a previous boat and I got a lot of compliments on those hatch boards!   Lol
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Grenadine's new exterior handrails are ready for finish and installation.  Wanted to see if any of you have a preferred varnish for exterior teak.  I'm looking for a clear varnish with UV protection.
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