Stus-List 37/40+ What does small switch on ceiling do?

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Mon May 1 09:56:55 EDT 2017

Fellow 37/40+ owners,

I feel left out!  Patriot has no such switch.  I have a combo
steaming/foredeck light, Windex and anchor light on the mast.  All are
controlled by breakers on my DC panel.

This year, I'm replacing my anchor light with a combination tri-color/anchor
light and eliminating the Windex light.  The existing switch for the Windex
will be used for the tri-color, expecting that the aft white portion of the
tri-color will illuminate the Windex.  



Ron Ricci
S/V Patriot
C&C 37+
Bristol, RI
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Hello all!

I'm guessing Josh or one of you other brilliant folks with 37/40+ C&Cs will
be able to guide me.  There is a small switch above the table near the
forward bulkhead.  I can't seem to figure out what it does.  Presumably it
is for an overhead light, but I don't see anything that isn't already
controlled by a switch, and the switch doesn't seem to do anything.

Insights please?

Kindest Regards,


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