Stus-List Sail advice for 35

robert robertabbott at
Mon May 1 15:26:56 EDT 2017

Boat with a full suite of sails....I started with a North tri-radial 
150% dacron headsail and a main sail.  I sail solely a lot and use 
mainly the headsail .....around here, summer winds in the outer harbor 
can be in the +15 mph range...found the 150% too much sail much/most of 
the time, switched to a cross cut 135% dacron.....must better sail, less 
heal, more comfortable tacking/trimming, and almost as fast....I like 
the Doyle 135%.....and I have a Sobstad 100% that I use mainly in the 
Spring and Fall when the winds are consistently +15 mph....the 100% is 
beginning to be my preferred head sail, especially if I am using my main 

I can furl my 135% down to 100% but I don't like doing it when sailing 
to weather....I'd rather have my flat wind furled isn't so bad.

So, I am favoring my 100% over the larger head sails.....however, I am 
just pleasure sailing, not trying to go as fast as possible all the time.

Launched last Monday....might get the mast stepped this week....will it 
be the 100% or 135% that he chooses first?

Rob Abbott
C&C 32 - 84
Halifax, N.S.

On 2017-05-01 3:32 PM, ALAN BERGEN via CnC-List wrote:
> Joe:
> When I first got my boat, I raced with a 155.  It kept back-winding 
> the main, so I tried using a 135  with better results.  I gained six 
> seconds in handicap, and there was no noticeable reduction in speed.  
> Then I tried racing with a 105.  I gained another three seconds; I 
> sail just as fast, and I point five degrees higher.  In fact, I point 
> higher than everyone else in my fleet, and I get to the windward mark 
> sooner than the rest of the fleet.  The crew can tack faster, and in 
> light air, the sail won't flap around like larger sails will.
> Alan Bergen
> 35 Mk III Thirsty
> Rose City YC
> Portland, OR

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