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Dennis C. captbuy at
Wed May 3 09:20:25 EDT 2017

Reading the thread on sail advice, there were a couple of not so obvious
nuggets I'd like to amplify.

A racer buddy of mine told me, you never change down from a #1 to a #2, you
always go to the #3 or blade.  Good advice.

Couple of posts on the sail thread said something similar.

Wind force increases with the square of speed.  That's an important
concept.  Having what I'll call a linear suit of sails may not be best.
That is, 155%, 125%, 100%.  It may be better, as a couple posters hinted,
to go 155%, 140-145% (heavy), 100%.

Touche's "official" inventory is 155% (light), 125%, 95%.  I rarely use the
125.  Boat always seems underpowered.  Instead, I put up an old Pentex 155
that has had the leach cut down a bit.  It may be around 150% now.  My
feeling is a 140% would be about right for my #2.

Touche' does have an inboard track for the 95%.  However, for 20+ knots, we
usually sheet to the toe rail.

When I bought the boat, it had a 170%.  That incurred a penalty so I sold

Dennis C.
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