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Wed May 3 21:26:40 EDT 2017

Having my deck wash hose port come out in the middle of the boat allows for
a 25' hose to reach all areas fore, aft, port and stdb.

Josh Muckley
S/V Sea Hawk
1989 C&C 37+
Solomons, MD

On May 3, 2017 9:11 PM, "Gary Russell via CnC-List" <cnc-list at>

>      My 1990 C&C 37+ has a sink in the vee berth.  I am unable to find the
> seacock for that sink.  Based upon the location of the thru-hull on the
> outside of the boat, I would suspect it to be under the forward battery
> box, which would be inaccessible and thus pretty stupid.  I was hoping to
> tap into that seacock for a wash down pump, but after failing to find the
> seacock, it occurred to me that it would be really bad if the drain hose
> failed an I couldn't find the seacock to close it.  So my questions are:
> 1.  Where is the vee berth sink seacock,
> and
> 2.  Where should I connect the salt water intake for the wash down pump.
> TIA,
> Gary
> S/V Kaylarah
> '90 C&C 37+
> East Greenwich, RI, USA
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