Stus-List Hunter 26 in Trouble Yesterday at Chatfield

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Mon May 8 11:44:07 EDT 2017

Yesterday afternoon at Chatfield Reservoir (where I sail) a serious squall passed through. A Hunter 26 had one of her lines fouled in her prop, and couldn't furl her headsail due to fouled rigging. So she was out of control, without effective propulsion or steerage, at the mercy of 60mph winds gusting to 90mph. She's very lucky she didn't get dashed against the rocks of the dam. She was eventually towed to safety by a Park Ranger boat. Video by Trish Dishman at . I was down there all day working on my boat and saw the whole thing happen. The guy shouldn't have gone out; you could see the weather building. A couple of J/22s also out there managed to ride it out by anchoring. It didn't occur to this Hunter guy to toss out his anchor and buy time to get his shit together. 

Randy Stafford 
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