Stus-List List Butyl tape or is there something better?

Chuck Saur cssaur85 at
Tue May 9 08:23:34 EDT 2017

I removed the companionway hood on Morning Sky (35-3) and resealed with
LifeSeal but wish I had used butyl.  The screws seemed adequate, as there
appears no big structural issues...but there is a shallow 'crease' around
the perimeter of the hood (not the drain gutters to port and starboard)
that I have covered with rigging tape each year, and am going to caulk this
year.  It just collects slime and water and sits.

Also, while I had the hood off, I noted the plexiglass slid directly on the
teak of the companionway, and there was some allowance for the installation
of a nylon plastic "cap" and still accept the thickness of the hatch
plexiglass, enabling it to glide really nice! Make sure the screws are
recessed into the nylon adequately.  Looks finished as well.

Also...I am replacing several of the hood screws with snap studs to work
with the bug screens and fabric hatch cover I'm currently making.  Won't
need to drill around the hatch.

Last...make sure you have clear unobstructed water drainage to the port and
starboard lateral gutters.  I had a bunch of gray gunk damming the flow of
water from the hatch.  Hope this experience helps...

*Chuck Saur*
*​Morning Sky*

*St Ignace, MI​*
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