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I replaced my ports approx. 7 years ago.....the old ones were help in 
place by Plexus.....I used a Dremmel with a fine bit to remove the had to be removed otherwise the new ports would not 'seat 
properly' and flush with the side cabin top(s).   I did not want the new 
ports protruding out beyond the side of the cabin.

If a pro is doing it, I'd have the pro do it so it will looklike a pro 
did the job.

Rob Abbott
C&C 32- 84
Halifax, N.S.

On 2017-05-16 12:35 PM, Bruce Whitmore via CnC-List wrote:
> Hello all,
> I am looking to your collective wisdom on the fixed port replacement 
> on our 1994 C&C 37/40+.  I am aware of the recommendations regarding 
> VHB and Dow 795.
> Due to time constraints, I am having a highly recommended pro do the 
> work, and he removed one of the ports today.  He asked a reasonable 
> question, since the plexiglass peeled off without pulling any of the 
> Plexus off the gelcoat.  When he tried to pull a bit of the Plexus 
> off, as many of you have commented, it also pulled some of the 
> gelcoat.  The Plexus also quite hard.
> So, if the Plexus is so well adhered, and it will be very stubborn to 
> come off the gelcoat (and do damage in the process), Should I just 
> leave the Plexus in place and allow the VHB to attach to it?
> I understand the thickness of the VHB might make the window stand out 
> a little proud from the fiberglass by comparison, but I'm not sure 
> that's a bad tradeoff compared to trying to remove something that 
> might serve as a good substrate anyway.
> Thoughts?
> Your input is greatly appreciated!
> Bruce Whitmore
> (847) 404-5092 (mobile)
> bwhitmore at
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