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Did you want to sell the extra?   I need just one.

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The ones I got from Rex are chrome plated zinc alloy (0808DP0CHR)

Can't recall how the hood side of the hinges are attached, but seem to remember that they were attached with nut and bolt, but seem to remember that nut just spun when I tried to replace a broken hinge in the past requiring removal of the hood. I plan to epoxy the nuts in place so broken hinges can be replaced more easily in the future!

Indigo C&C 35III

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Yes, I still have one as a backup.

That hinge stock number is actually 0951DP1CHR.

Perko also makes the same hinge in zinc, which is what C&C used in the first place, at least on my boat. Part number for that is 0808DP0CHR.

The zinc ones are way cheaper than the bronze ones, but will definitely decay faster in salt water. I went cheap, I can replace these about five times for the cost of the bronze ones.

Jim Watts
Paradigm Shift
C&C 35 Mk III
Victoria, BC

On 15 May 2017 at 09:44, Indigo via CnC-List <cnc-list at<mailto:cnc-list at>> wrote:
Thanks for this. I contacted Perko and they were able to give me the exact dimensions / hole placements etc and gave me a part number (0851DP1CHR). Found it a local, well stocked marine store shout out to Rex Marine in Norwalk CT!  - NOT West! and confirmed by comparing old to New that is the same!  Only downside is that they come two to a pack and I need 3!!

Indigo C&C 35III


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